1. Buy PRO version

To buy PRO version you can follow this link. Click Here

2. Download the PRO version

After purchase PRO version, login to your account then downloads the PRO version.

3. Upgrade to PRO version from Lite

Below steps briefly explain how to upgrade Free/Lite theme version to your purchased PRO theme version.

  1. Install your PRO theme package using WordPress theme uploader or paste your theme folder inside [www.domainname.com /wp-content/themes/] ( using FTP or any file manager plugin like File Manager plugin )
  2. Now, you can see your PRO theme in theme settings. After successfully installed PRO theme, you can delete Lite theme.

NOTE: After the theme installation if you face any error, that sometimes happens due to the code of a particular file gets garbled into one line during uploading via FTP. You need to upload your theme package again after deleting the previous unsuccessfully uploaded theme. If further face the issue, you can create discussion on our support forum.