Top Header Bar is an area that lets you display extra content on top of the header, above your main menu.

To work on the Top Header

  • Go to Dashboard >> Appearance >> Customize >> Top Header
  • Toggle to show the date & time
  • Toggle to how the social icons
  • Customize the social icons and add new social icons
  • Change date, time, icon & icon hover color, icon background color & icon background hover color


  • Select the Trending Post option to show the popular posts
  • Show the social icons with the date & time
  • Change the Trending Post hover color

The header usually contains the site’s name, logo, menu, and other identifying information.

To work on the Main Header

  • Go to Dashboard >> Appearance >> Customize >> Theme Header
  • Choose header layout
  • Toggle to enable the sticky header
  • Enables the toggle to hide/show the search icon, dark/light icon, and toggle icon
  • Change the menu & submenu link color, hover color, and active link color


  • Choose header layout from available header layout designs