Notice: Before updating a theme it is highly recommended that you make a backup of your current site.

You can upgrade your theme to the latest version via WordPress theme uploader or via FTP. This tutorial will guide for the theme upgrade. Follow the below steps:

1. Download the latest version

Download the latest version of your PRO theme from your account.

2. Upload the latest version

Generally, theme upload can be done in two ways as follow:

    1.  WordPress theme uploader is the easiest way to upload the zip file.
      You may get the following error:

      The reason behind this error is that you already have a theme folder on your server with the same name as the folder inside the ZIP file.

      * Rename the folder

      Simple solution, either you can rename the theme folder on your server, or rename the folder inside the zip file, then try again to upload the zip file via WordPress theme uploader

      You can follow the below steps to rename the folder inside the zip file:

      • Unzip the file on your computer
      • Rename the folder (e.g. “appointment-pro”). The folder name must not have spaces in it.
      • Compress the renamed folder to a ZIP file
      • Try again to upload zip file via WordPress theme uploader

      * Delete the theme on your server

      You can follow this method only when you have not done any customization to your theme files or you are running a child theme which has all your theme customizations. So if you have done any customization to your theme files, your customizations will be lost on following this method. You must proceed only if you understand the risks:

      • Go to Appearance => Themes
      • Activate Twenty Eleven (or another theme)
      • Delete the old theme
      • Try again to upload zip file via WordPress theme uploader
    2. Upload via FTP: Login to your FTP panel, go to /wp-content/themes/your_theme_folder_name/ and then replace all the files in the theme folder with your latest theme files.

      After the installation theme, If you are facing some error? It seems to happen sometime, that the code of a particular file gets garbled into one line during uploading FTP. You need to upload again your theme package. If not resolve your issue? If not resolved your issue. You can create discussion on the support forum.
    3. Upload via Plugin: However, it’s not a recommended way since it depends upon the plugin’s functionality. If you know the logic where to place the theme folder, you can use any File Manager Plugin.
      For example File Manager plugin (After unzip, upload the theme folder to [ /wp-content/themes/] using this plugin. Make sure theme folder name should not be same as previous theme folder)