Here you can see all the settings related to the Testimonial section. You can add unlimited testimonials here.

Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Homepage Section Settings >> Testimonial Settings

  • Enable/Disable Testimonial Section: Hide/Show Testimonials section on the Homepage.
  • Title: Add a title for the Testimonial section.
  • Sub Title: Add a subtitle for the Testimonial section.

Testimonial Content

  • Description: Add here the description of your testimonial.
  • Client NameAdd your client’s name here.
  • Designation: Add your clients’ designation here.
  • Link: Add a link here.
  • Image: Add your client’s image here.

Testimonial Settings

  • Animation SpeedSet the animation speed of the testimonial section.
  • Smooth Speed: Set the speed of the smoothness of the testimonial section.
  • Navigation Style: Select the navigation style for the testimonial. You can select either bullets, navigation, or both.

Testimonial Variations

There are various design styles in the testimonial section. You can choose anyone that suits best on your site.

Design 1 and Slide item one

Design 2 and Slide items two

Design 3 and Slide items three

Design 4 and Slide items two