SpicePress has its own unique way to display a gallery: a carousel on the Homepage! See below how to add it to your Homepage and how to add/edit content in your gallery.

1. Enabling the Gallery section and adding images to the Gallery

In your WP Admin Panel, go to Appearance => Customizing > Homepage Section Settings => Gallery Settings

Service section settings:

  • Enable gallery on homepage: Hide/Show your Gallery section on your Homepage.
  • Title: Add the title for your Gallery.
  • Description: Add the description for your Gallery.

Gallery: Add each image as a spare entry in the Gallery section. In a Gallery you can add both images and custom links. Edit the following information:

  • Title: Add a name or title for your image.
  • Link: Provide an optional link for this image.
  • Open link in new tab: Set your preference for the image link to open in new or current tab.
  • Image: Upload your gallery image.

2. Creating a Gallery page

In your WP Admin Panel, head over to Pages => Add New and then:

  1. give your Gallery page a name
  2. Choose Gallery as the template
  3. Choose if you want to display your slider ABOVE the Gallery (optional)

3. Removing a Gallery section from the homepage

In your WP Admin Panel, head over to Appearance => Customize > Theme Layout Manager. Here you can disable the Gallery section of the homepage just by dragging the relative button to the “Disable” field.