In this tutorials, we provide step-by-step indications on installing and activating themes for your WordPress website using the WP Admin Panel.

Follow these steps to install any WordPress theme, check out our WordPress Themes with premium support.

1. Log in to your WordPress Admin Panel. Now go to Appearance -> Themes

2. In the Themes panel, you will see all the themes currently installed.

The system indicates the currently active theme. If you want to change it, you can click on “Activate” on one of the available options. If you want to add a new theme, simply click on the “Add New” buttons.

3. Choose a theme from the Repository or upload one.

The page will present you with a large selection of free themes available from the WordPress Repository. To select one of these themes, simply choose one and click Install. You can also see how the theme will look like before installing it: just click Preview.

Alternatively, you can download the zipped file from a Theme provider and upload through the Upload Theme option. Click on Upload Theme.

Click on Browse, select the previously downloaded zip of the theme from your local computer and press Install Now.

WordPress will upload and extract the zip file. At this point, all you need to do is press  the Activate link under the message that indicates a successful installation. If you want to preview the theme before activating it, press the Live Preview link.

Your newly installed theme is also now present in Appearance => Themes page as an actionable option. Here you can choose to see live previews of all your installed themes and you can Activate one or another.

That’s it! You can now preview your chosen theme and head over to Appearance >> Customize to personalize your theme.