If you want to show the breadcrumb on your site, you need to install and activate the Yoast SEO plugin. After activating it, in the wp-admin panel, go to SEO >> Search Appearance, select the Breadcrumbs tab, click on the Enabled tab, and save changes. After doing this process, the breadcrumb will show on the banner of the pages.

Note: After clicking on the Enabled button, don’t forget to click on the Save Changes button.

Go to Appearance >> Customize >> General Settings >> Breadcrumb Settings

Here you can see all the settings related to Breadcrumb which is displayed below the banner title on every page template except the business template. From this setting, you can hide/show the breadcrumb title, enable/disable the overlay on the banner image, and change the overlay’s background color.

  • Enable / Disable Banner: Hide/Show Banner.
  • Visibility: You can show/hide the banner section at a time from all devices or any one of the devices. (like Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile)
  • Banner Height: Set the different-different banner section on all devices.
  • Padding: Set the padding of the banner section such as top, right, left, and bottom.
  • Enable/Disable Breadcrumbs: From this option enable/disable the breadcrumb title.
  • Home Item: Change the Home link as text or icon in the breadcrumb title.
  • Enable/Disable Background Image: Enable/Disable the background image of the banner section.
  • Background Image Repeat: Select how the background image of the banner section will be repeated. (No Repeat, Repeat All, Repeat Horizontally, Repeat Vertically)
  • Background Image Position: Select the position for the background image of the banner section.
  • Background Size: Select the size of the background image like Cover, Contain, and Auto.
  • Background Attachment: Select whether the background image is to be Fixed or Scroll.
  • Enable/Disable Banner Image Overlay: From this option, you can show or hide the overlay from the banner image.
  • Image Overlay Color: Change the overlay color of the banner image.

If you want to change the banner image, you need to install and activate the Unique Headers plugin. After activating it, Go to your page editor and you can see the option to upload the header image.

To change the background image on 404, search, date archive, and author archive there is a setting Background image.

Customize the Breadcrumb Title on Individual Posts/Pages

The theme allows you to change a different layout of any individual page. Follow the below steps to do this:

  • Go to WordPress Dashboard >> Pages >> All Pages.
  • Choose the page that you want to customize.
  • Check Breadcrumbs Settings at the bottom of the page.
  • Go to the Display Breadcrumbs option, under the Breadcrumbs Settings.
  • Under the Display Breadcrumbs option, select the option such as DefaultEnable, and Disable. (Default option means to select the option from the customizer options.) Also, you can change the breadcrumb title link & link hover colors.