Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Theme Layout Manager

1. Managing the order of your sections on the homepage

Here you can change the order of the sections by dragging the respective boxes in the Enable part. You can rearrange all sections of the homepage except the slider section.

2. Disable sections from the homepage

Here you will see two distinct areas: Enable and Disable.

To hide/disable any section from the front end of the homepage, you can just drag the respective box from the “Enable” area to the “Disable” area. As in the above screenshot, Wooproduct and client section are placed in the “Disable” area, and so at the front end, both these sections will not appear anymore. In this way, you are able to hide any section from the homepage and enable these sections later by just dragging and dropping in the same way.

Don’t forget to Save & Publish, and you are ready to go!