There are 4 footer widget areas in our theme. And there are different layouts for adding either one, two, three, or four widgets.

Go to Appearance >> Customize >> General Settings >> Footer Widgets

  • Enable / Disable Footer Widgets: Hide/Show footer widgets from here.
  • Footer Widget Layout: Select the layout for the footer widget from here. There are various layouts.
  • Footer Widgets Background Image: Set the background image for the footer widgets section.
  • Background Image Repeat: Set the repeat property of the background image from here.
  • Background Image Position: Set the background image position from here.
  • Background Size: Set the background attachment from here. If you are using the fixed property of it, background image repeat and background image position settings will not work.
  • Background Attachment: Set the repeat property of the background image from here.
  • Enable Footer Widgets Image Overlay: Enable this setting if you want to show the overlay on the background image.
  • Footer Widgets Image overlay color: Select the color for the overlay from here.