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Here you can see all the settings related to set up a Team section. A repeater control feature enables you to add teams faster and add as many team members as you want.

1. Adding a Team

  • Enable / Disable Team on Home Page: Hide/Show Team section on the Homepage.
  • Title: Add a title for the Team section.
  • Sub Title: Add a subtitle for the Team section.

  • TitleAdd here the title for your team member.
  • Subtitle: Add here the subtitle for your team members.
  • Link: Add a link on the team member to redirect any other page.
  • Open link in a new tab: You can choose the option to open the link either to a new tab or in the current tab.
  • Image: Upload the image for a team member.
  • Social Icons: Add social icons of a team member and link them to his profile.
  • To delete a Team member, click on the red written text “Delete field” at the bottom left.

2. Team Settings

  • Navigation Style: Select the navigation style for the team. You can select either bullets, navigation, or both.

Team Variations

There are various design styles in the team section. You can choose anyone that suits best on your site.

Design 1

Design 2

Design 3

Design 4