A homepage featuring a portfolio will look like this. To replicate this look on your website, follow the instructions below:

1. Adding a Portfolio

If you need help, please refer to our Creating a portfolio page in SpicePress article.

2. Managing the Homepage portfolio settings

To set your preferences for your Homepage Portfolio, head over to the WP Admin Panel. In it, go to Appearance and select Customize => Homepage section settings => Portfolio settings

Here you will see all your available options:

  • Enable Home Portfolio Section: Turn this ON to display a portfolio section on your homepage, turn it OFF to hide it.
  • Title: Add here the title for this portfolio.
  • Description: Add here a short description for this portfolio.
  • Select a category for the Portfolio: Select a specific portfolio category for the homepage.
  • Animation speed: Choose the animation speed (in seconds) for the homepage portfolio slider (if you have chosen to display a slider).