Important! Before updating the theme, it is highly recommended that you backup your website.

1. Buy the PRO version from our website

2. Download the PRO version

After purchasing a PRO version, you will be able to login to the Reserved Member area on Spicethemes to download all necessary files.

3. Upgrade to PRO version from Lite

  1. Backup your current site.
  2. Install your PRO theme package either by uploading directly (see the Installing a WordPress theme tutorial) or by uploading it through an FTP client into your Themes folder [for example: www.yourdomain.ext/wp-content/themes]. You can also usa a file manager plugin like File Manager.
  3. You will now see your PRO theme in the Themes page, where you can Activate it and proceed to customizing it.


Sometimes files uploaded via FTP can get warped in the process. If you have uploaded your theme using FTP and you notice malfunctions, please delete the theme folder on your server and re-upload it.

Should you find any other or further malfunction, please head over to our support forum and open a ticket.