Adding a Testimonial in your Homepage

In your WP Admin Panel, go to => Appearance => Customize > Homepage Section Settings => Testimonial Settings

In your Testimonial section settings, choose your options:

  • Enable testimonial on homepage: Hide/Show your Testimonial section on your Homepage.
  • Background Image: Upload an image to be used as background of your Testimonial section.
  • Enable testimonial image overlay: Add an overlay for your Testimonial background image.
  • Testimonial image overlay color: Select the color for your overlay.
  • Title: Add here the title for your Testimonial section.
  • Description: Add here the description for your Testimonial section.
  • Testimonial Content: Add here your singular Testimonial articles, in the order you prefer.
  • Animation: Select the tipe of animation you desire for your testimonial slider.
  • Animation Speed: Select the speed (in seconds) for the animation of your testimonial slider.

You will have to add each Testimonial in a separate field (Testimonial content):

  • Open your Testimonial Content tab
  • Click on “+ Add New Testimonial”
  • Title: The title for your Testimonial will be the Testimonial’s name.
  • Description: This will be your Testimonial’s quote.
  • Link: You can add a custom link.
  • Open link in new tab: You can choose to have the custom link open in a new web tab or in the current one.
  • Image: Upload your Testimonial’s image.
  • Designation: Use this field to indicate your testimonial’s credentials, titles or other pertinent info.

Removing a testimonial section from the Homepage

In your WP Admin Panel, go to => Appearance => Customize > Theme Layout Manager

Here you can disable the Testimonial section of the homepage by dragging the section’s icon in the Disable field.