To generate the shortcode you need to customize the settings below:

1. General

  • Slider Layout: Select the slider layout from Banner Slider, Blog Post Slider, and Video Slider.
  • Categories: Choose one or multiple categories for which category posts you want to show in your carousel.
  • Order: Select the post-order options from Ascending and Descending.
  • Number: Enter the post number, which means how many posts you want to display on your carousel. Its default value is 4.
  • Read More Text: Change the text of the carousel Read More button.
  • The below settings will appear when selecting the Banner/Blog PostSlider options.
    • Size: Select the image size option to change the carousel image size.
  • The below settings will appear when selecting the Blog Post/Video Slider options.
    • Date: Hide or Show the post date from the carousel.
    • Category: Hide or Show the post categories from the carousel.
    • Comments: Hide or Show the post comments from the carousel.
    • Author: Hide or Show the post author from the carousel.
  • The below settings will appear when selecting the Video/Banner Slider options.
    • Height: Change the height of the carousel.
    • Enable/Disable Title: Hide or Show the carousel title.
    • Enable/Disable Description: Hide or Show the carousel description.
    • Enable/Disable Overlay: Hide or Show the image overlay. On enabling this setting, the opacity setting appears.
      • Opacity: Change the overlay color opacity.
    • Padding: Adjust the top and bottom padding of the carousel section.
  • The below settings will appear when selecting the Blog Post Slider option.
    • Post Item: Select the post item to display your carousel in two, three, and four columns layouts.
  • The below setting will appear when selecting the Video Slider option.
    • Video: Upload a video from your computer with the help of the Upload File button.

2. Navigation

  • Speed: Set the transition speed of the carousel slides.
  • Navigation Style: Select the navigation button style from None, Bullets, Navigation, and Both options.

3. Typography

You can change the banner/post carousel typography from the below options:

  • Font Family: Find the font name from the font families list that you want to add.
  • Font Size: You can change the font size.
  • Line Height: This property defines the amount of space above and below inline elements. You can set it as per your requirement.
  • Font Weight: Available font weight for the selected font like 100,200,300,400,500,600,700,800.
  • Font Style: You can set the font style like Normal or Italic.
  • Text Transform: Using this setting you can make text appear in uppercase or lowercase, or with each word capitalized.

4. Color

You can change the color of the banner/post carousel title, content, meta, and read more button.