You can show your Homepage sections on another page very easily.

Find the following shortcodes for the sections of the Homepage.

  • Service section:       [innofit_service]
  • About section:          [innofit_about]
  • Portfolio section:    [innofit_portfolio]
  • Funfact section:       [innofit_funfact]
  • Shop section:            [innofit_shop]
  • Testimonial section:  [innofit_testimonial]
  • Team section:           [innofit_team]
  • Pricing section:       [innofit_pricing]
  • Callout section:       [innofit_callout]
  • Map section:             [innofit_map]
  • Contact section:      [innofit_contact]
  • Subscriber section: [innofit_subscriber]
  • Client section:         [innofit_client]

2. Create a new page

  • Create a new page and enter a title.
  • Add a Shortcode block and enter the shortcode in it.
  • Publish the page.