To generate the shortcode, you need to customize the settings below:

1. General

  • Slider Layout: Select the slider layout from the Banner Slider, Blog Post Slider, and Video Slider.
  • Design Layout: Select the slider layout design from the given design, which you want to add.
  • Categories: Choose one or multiple categories for which category posts you want to show in your carousel.
  • Order: Select the post-order options from Ascending and Descending.
  • Number: Enter the post number, which means how many posts you want to display on your carousel. Its default value is 4.
  • Date: Hide or Show the post date from the carousel.
  • Category: Hide or Show the post categories from the carousel.
  • Comments: Hide or Show the post comments from the carousel.
  • Author: Hide or Show the post author from the carousel
  • Read More Text: Change the text of the carousel Read More button.
  • Padding: Adjust the top and bottom padding of the carousel section.
  • The below settings will appear when selecting the Banner/Blog Post Slider options.
    • Size: Select the image size option to change the carousel image size.
  • The below settings will appear when selecting the Banner/Video Slider options.
    • Tag: Hide or Show the post tags from the carousel.
    • Height: Change the height of the carousel.
    • Enable/Disable Title: Hide or Show the carousel title.
    • Enable/Disable Description: Hide or Show the carousel description.
    • Enable/Disable Overlay: Hide or Show the image overlay. On enabling this setting, the opacity setting appears.
      • Opacity: Change the overlay color opacity.
  • The below settings will appear when selecting the Blog Post Slider options.
    • Post Item: Select the post item to display your carousel in two, three, and four column layouts.
  • The below setting will appear when selecting the Video Slider option.
    • Video: Upload a video from your computer with the help of the Upload File button.

2. Navigation

  • Animation Effect:  On enabling the Banner Slider layout option, the Animation Effect setting appears. With the help of this setting, you can add animation effects on the banner carousel like Bounce, Swing, RotateOur, ZoomOut, etc.
  • Speed: Set the transition speed of the carousel slides.
  • Navigation Style:  Select the navigation button style from None, Bullets, Navigation, and Both options. On selecting the navigation style option, the below options are appears.
    • Bullet Style: You can select the bullet design from the given design options.
    • Navigation Style: You can select the navigation design from the given design options.

3. Typography

You can change the banner/post carousel typography on the individual device using different settings.

  • Font Family: Find the font name from the font families list that you want to add.
  • Font Size: You can change the font size.
  • Line Height: This property defines the amount of space above and below inline elements. You can set it as per your requirements.
  • Font Weight: Available font weight for the selected font like 100,200,300,400,500,600,700,800.
  • Font Style: You can set the font style like Normal or Italic.
  • Text Transform: Using this setting you can make text appear in uppercase or lowercase, or with each word capitalized.

4. Color

You can change the color of the banner/post carousel title, content, meta, and read more buttons.

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