1. Adding a Slide

To add slides in the Slider, Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Homepage section settings >> Slider settings

Here you can see all the settings related to setup the slider. A repeater control feature enables you to add slides faster and add as many slides as you want.

Slider Content – Each slide has the following information:

  • TitleAdd here the title for your slide.
  • Description: Add here the description for your slide.
  • Button1 Text: Add an optional button to the slide, for example, Learn More.
  • Link: You can only add a limited amount of information about the specific slide on the homepage, so if you need to include more information, you can create a dedicated page and link it here.
  • Open link in a new tab: You can choose the option to open the link either to a new tab or in the current tab.
  • Button2 Text: Add one more button the same as button 1 for example About Us.
  • Link: Add a link here in the same way as for button 1.
  • Content Alignment: Align the content either in the left, center, or right position from here.
  • Image: Upload the full-size image for the slide.

2. Slider Settings

Here are the settings from where you can manage the additional features of a slider. Additional feature settings are as follows: 

  • Enable / Disable Slider Section: Hide / Show slider section on the homepage from here.
  • Enable slider image overlay: Use this setting to enable and disable a color overlay on the slider image.
  • Slider image overlay color: Use this to set the color and the transparency of the slider image overlay.
  • Navigation Style: Select the navigation style for the slider. You can select either bullets, navigation, or both.
  • Animation: Here you can choose between two types of animation: slide and fade.
  • Animation Speed: Set the animation speed of the slide’s in seconds.
  • Smooth Speed: Set the speed of the smoothness of the slides.

After configuring a slider, you can go to set up a Services section.