Go to Appearance >> Customize >> General Settings >> Sticky Header

Sticky headers are headers that remain fixed to the top of the website and are visible even when you scroll down.

Logo for Desktop View

  • Enable/Disable Sticky Header: You are able to enable and disable the sticky header from here.
  • Different logo for Sticky Header: You are able to select the different logo for the sticky header that means when the sticky header comes on scrolling, the logo will be changed.
  • Animation Effect: Here you can choose the animation effect. Either Slide, Fade, or Shrink.
  • Enable View: Here you can select the option to show the sticky header either on desktop, mobile, or on both desktop and mobile.
  • Sticky Opacity: Here you can set the color opacity for the sticky header.
  • Sticky Height: Here you can set the height of the sticky header.

Logo for Mobile View

Sticky Opacity

Sticky Height

Note: Sticky height is not applied to the shrink animation effect. So make sure if you want to set the height, the animation effect must be either none, slide or fade.

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