If you are using a Pro theme and looking for adding services in the premium version of the theme then click HERE.

All the settings related to the Services section are given here. You are able to add only 3 services here. If you want to add more services, you need to buy our Pro version.

Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Homepage Section Settings >> Services Settings

  • Enable Services on HomePage: Hide/Show Services section on the Homepage.
  • Title: Add a title for the Services section.
  • Description: Add a description of the Services section.

Service Content:

  • TitleAdd here the title for your service.
  • Description: Add here the description of your service.
  • Link: In this section, you can only add a limited amount of information. If you want to add more details about the Service, you can create a dedicated page for it, and link it here to that page.
  • Open link in a new tab: You can choose the option to open the link either to a new tab or in the current tab.
  • Image TypeSelect whether you want the service image to be a Font Awesome icon, an image, or not to show anything.
  • Image: If you want to display an image, select the image option and upload it here.
  • Icon: If you want to display an icon, select icon option and from the Font Awesome library, select any icon of your choice.
  • To delete a Service, click on the red written text “Delete field” at the bottom left.

You can add only 3 services here. If you want to add more services, you need to Upgrade to Pro. You can see the help article of Pro version services HERE. After setting up a services section, you can go to set up a Funfact section.