Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Homepage Section Settings >> Team Settings

Here you can add new team members and more settings are given to configure the team section.

1. Adding a Team

  • Enable team on Home Page: Hide/Show Team section on the Homepage.
  • Title: Add a title of the Team section.
  • Sub Title: Add a subtitle of the Team section.

  • TitleAdd here the title of your team member.
  • Subtitle: Add here the subtitle of your team members.
  • Link: Add a link on the team member to redirect any other page.
  • Open link in a new tab: Option to choose either open the link to a new tab or in the current tab.
  • Image: Upload the image of a team member.
  • Social Icons: Add social icons of a team member and related links to his profile.
  • To delete a Team member, click on the red written text “Delete field” at the bottom left.

2. Team Settings

  • Navigation Style: Select navigation style by selecting either bullets, navigation or both.
  • Animation SpeedSet the animation speed of the team’s section.
  • Smooth Speed: Set the speed of the smoothness of the team’s section.